New Shipment Of HWL Rods, PHD Drill Rods And Core Barrels Shipping To Uzbekistan

18 Mar

It is common to get a busy season after Chinese New Year Holiday, today we loaded a full 40 GP container of HWL and PHD Drill rods with core barrels in our factory for shipping to Navoiy, there are 4* 20 GP containers of rods are ready for Uzbekistan as well in next week, another 1 * 20 GP contaier will come to our factory for loading a full container of rods mixed with HQ rods and NQ drill rods to Bandar Abbas Port, Iran on Feb 26th...

HQ drill rod cgegtech geo equip tech wuxi


It also shows that our top quality products are recongnized a lot by our global customers.

HQ core barrel geo equip tech wuxi cgegtech


To be your first choice for diamond core drilling is our consistent pursuit, quality should be the foundation for business, here you no worry about the quality, just enjoy the purchasing process.

shipment of HQ rod PHD rod cgegtech geo equip tech wuxi


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NQ drill rod, NQ core barrels, NQ head assembly, NQ stop ring, NQ core lifter, NQ core lifter case

HQ drill rod, HQ core barrels, HQ head assembly, HQ stop ring, HQ core lifter, HQ core lifter case

PHD drill rod, PQ core barrels, PQ head assembly, PQ stop ring, PQ core lifter, PQ core lifter case