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CGE Group Wuxi Drilling Tools Co., Ltd.



GEE GROUP WUXI DRILLING TOOLS FACTORY CO., LTD. was founded in 1958, which is a state-owned leading enterprise in the geo-tech drilling and mining exploration industry for over half a century with good quality and rich experience in China


We committed to supply the reliable products to our customers, thanks for our good quality and reasonable price, we’re also the strategic partner of Atlas Copco ( Epiroc) on China mainland market since 2012. 


XZ is a famous brand in the industry of mineral exploration in China.


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We’re ISO、API certified, be honored with high-tech enterprise by Jiangsu province, the products has been exported to Korea, North Korea, Russian speaking countries, Mongolia, India, Myanmar, Iran, Dubai, Zambia, Australia, Mexico, Chile, Peru for decades of years…


The main products we manufactured are listed as bellow:

1.China national standard coring drill system products

2. DCDMA standard products: A, B, N, H, Q  series ,T2, T6 series impregnated diamond bit, PDC bit, surface set bit, drill rod, core barrel assembly, overshot, water swivel, hoist, circle wrench...

3. API standard drill rod for oil & water well drilling rod

4.equipment for water conservancy, geology, unconventional oil & gas, and environment treatment, as well as doing relevant trades & services.

All of the products passed the certifications of ISO9001:2015 and API 5DP

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Products range covers all of the drilling tools for major exploration applications


Contact: Carlyle Gao


WhatsApp: +86-18851513960



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Company Details

Main Market

South America

Eastern Europe

Eastern Asia

Southeast Asia

Middle East




Business Type




Brands : Master Core

No. of Employees : 200~300

Annual Sales : 20,000,000-24,615,380

Year Established : 1958

Export p.c : 40% - 50%

Company History

1958 -Wuxi Drilling Tools Factory (WDTF) was founded on Sept. 18, 1958 by Ministry of Geology and Mineral Resources of China                              (MGMR,China) and located in the city of Wuxi in Jiangsu province.


1980 - WDTF was honored with Daqing Oilfield Style Enterprise by the government of Jiangsu Province.-MGMR, China authorized and entrusted            us to be responsible for designing the standards and manufacture relevant gauges for slim hole drill rods and diamond reaming shells for              mineral exploration industry.


1981 -The design of thin wall impregnated diamond bit passed the technical identification by Industrial Bureau of Geology Ministry of China

         -Spiral type natural diamond reaming shell awarded Silver Medal of National High-Quality in September.


1985 - WDTF’s Φ46 & Φ76 double tube impregnated diamond bits awarded Silver Medal of National High-Quality again

1987 - WDTF merged to China Geological Equipment Group from MGMR, China according to an administrative order from State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council ( SASAC, China)


1990 -WDTF’s wire line coring products for exploration approved to be top high quality by MGMR, China

1994 to 2006 -WDTF and Atlas Hobic Bit Industries established a joint-venture factory to produce diamond bits and reaming shells together from Sept.,

1996 to 2004 - WDTF and Boart Longyear established a joint-venture factory to produce tungsten carbide products for mining exploration from June,1996 to Feb.,2004


2000 - WDTF started to design and produce HDD products for trenchless technology.


2003 - WDTF engaged in the application of Large Diameter Mainland Scientific Wire-line Coring Drilling Project in China


2009 - WDTF’s CNH series wire line coring drill rods for deep hole were successfully trial-produced, and the meanwhile officially launched B,N, H and P sizes international standard drill rods and casing pipes for wireline core drilling.


2011 - WDTF got an award of High-Tech Enterprise of Jiangsu province and third prize Science Progress of Wuxi City.


2012 -WDTF & Atals Copco ( Mining and Rock Excavation Division)signed a Strategic Partnership on Bauma Exhibition in Nov. For providing them with wire coring products.



2015 - WDTF was awarded as Second Prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award on Dec 16,2015

2018 - WDTF changed her name to be CGE Group Wuxi Drilling Tools Co., Ltd.


2019 - We celebrated 60’ Anniversary of WDTF on Sept.18, 2019


WDTF has been established for more than 60 years and has experienced ups and downs through the years. Its lasting charms and profound accumulations create a splendid history and guarantee that the company can achieve technological innovation and further success in its future development.

Company Service


1. Samples are available for clients worldwide, and clients should afford the sample and transportation fees. When customers give their orders, we will deduct the sample and shipping fees from the total amount.

2. We can assist customers in designing and manufacturing machines. Our engineers will offer relative operation guidance for customers.

3. The quality guarantee is sured according to different kinds of products, for the details, please contact to our sales.

4. The delivery period depends on the types and amount of ordered products. Generally speaking, the normal delivery period at home is about 10days, and abroad 15days. If we have products in stock, we will deliver them within three working days.

5. OEM service is also available.


Wire-line Drilling Rods, Casings, Synthetic Polycrystalline Diamond(PCD),Polycrystalline Diamond Compact(PDC),  Impregnated Diamond bits.

BQ NQ NQ3 HQ HQ3 PQ PQ3 T2-56 T2-76 T2-86 T2-101 TTseries T6 series

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Company Team


We have professional export team,include 5 export-part manager, 36 sales staffs, and 10 product producing consultants.



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Exploration drilling is an important step before development drilling should take place. Exploration drilling is essential for obtaining actual temperature measurements, rock samples, and retrieving fluid samples for chemical analysis. Geophysical methods can give valuable and useful information about the subsurface, which is very important when determining the best locations for drilling; however, in order to obtain actual temperature and fluid measurements, samples need to be obtained via exploratory drilling.

There are several different exploratory drilling techniques: core holes, exploratory wells, slim holes, and thermal gradient holes. These exploratory drilling methods are used because they are far less expensive than drilling a full sized production well. Exploratory drilling utilizes drill holes which are normally not as deep, smaller, and quicker to drill compared to production and injection wells. This allows for important subsurface data to be gathered at less cost so better informed decisions can be made about how to proceed in development. Exploration drilling provides the most accurate information during the exploration phase, but it is also the most expensive method, in many cases it is the final phase of exploration.


As the most complete and leading supplier to the mining and construction industries in China, CGE Group Wuxi Drilling Tools Co., Ltd can provide a full range of products and services for exploration and getechnical drilling which includes various kinds of drill rod, casing pipe, impregnated diamond bit, tungsten carbide bit, PDC bit, reaming shell, core barrel assembly, core lifter, core lifter case, locking coupling, adaptor coupling, circle wrench, water swivel and related tools, accessories for all major exploration drilling.


All of our products are designed to help the user minimize down-time, save cost and maximize productivity. Be assured that we are ISO9001:2015 certified. However, if a problem should occur, we will quickly be responsible for it, our technical department can provide huge support for us.


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Address: No. 8 Changyuan Road, Huishan District, Wuxi City, Jiangsu, China 214174