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Rope winch is used together with vertical core drill rig to conduct geological exploration. It helps to draw and lower the core bits inner tube assembly, and logging instruments. Our products are precise, compact with easy-operation, low noise and wearing.

Main Component of Rope winch:
Clutch, gear box, coiling block, steel wire rope, brake handle and speed-controlling handle

1. Rope winch can be equipped with electromotor and diesel engine.
2. The power output shaft of gear box is also known as coiling block shaft, and the gear box is a support base of power output shaft, which makes transition more smoothly. It is also easy to install and dissemble diesel engine.
3. The core-filled inner tube assembly should be lifted through salvage by using rope winch and take out the core.
4. When little or no water exists in core drill, the core drill should not be dropped from the orifices. It is necessary to hang the double tube assembly with rope winch and decelerate to the bottom of the hole.

Maintenance of our product
1. The rotating part should be refueled at regular intervals.
2. Steel wire rope is needed to clean and oil after being used for a period of time.
3. The max rated hoist power of steel wire rope is 6600N, and overload is prohibited.
4. Check the control crank regularly.

Technical Parameters:

Diesel Engine Type S195
Power 8.8KW
Rotate Speed   650r/min, 325 r/min, 235r/min
Drilling Capability Length of rope 3000m   (Φ8mm)
Length of rope 2000m   (Φ6mm)
Length of rope 1500m   (Φ5.1mm)
Length of rope 1000m   (Φ5.1mm)
Others Total Weight 800kg
Overall Dimension(L×W×H) 1450×700×850mm
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