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July 8, 2020

Instructions For Coring Drill Rigs - N H P sizes





  • WLBC Size Drill Rod: 1,200m
  • WLNC Size Drill Rod:1,800m
  • WLHC Size Drill Rod:1,800m
  • WLPC Size Drill Rod: 1,800m

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The drill rods are made up of thru-wall heat treatment high quality alloy grade steel, and all threads are heat treated with additional hardening treatment applied to the pin threads. For the actual hardness, please ask our sales representative for an answer.

Carlyle Gao (, WhatsApp: 0086-18851513960)




Each drill rod is guaranteed for up to 8,000m. The warranty will only cover for manufacturing faults. Upon investigation, if drill rods are damaged as a result of the user not complying with the following instructions, the warranty shall be deemed void and invalid.


Conditions of Warranty:


  • No mixing of drill rods - We strongly advise against mixing CGE Group drill rods with other manufacturers drill rods, the variance in material and thread treatment across different manufacturers will create issues that will pose a threat to both drilling equipment and drilling personnel that may lead to grave injury or even death. 


  • Using CGE Group’s Thread Grease Only - We only recommend using our specially formulated thread grease from CGE Group which ensures the preservation the threads, however, if another grease is to used, we recommend using thread grease that contains Lead powder, Zinc


  • Use of improper tools - Engaging the threads with a hammer or any other inappropriate tools in the attempt to loosen the threads or the use of sharp tools which may damage the rods itself will void warranty.


  • Surpassing maximum depths – Rods exceeding their maximum drilling depth will also void warranty.


  • General Negligence – Any mishandling which may cause damage to the rods, including handling, transportation, storage etc. which may lead to damage and thus not covered under warranty.



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Additional Care Tips:


  • While in use and onsite, as a temporary measure of storing the drill rods, always the ensure that the bottom rods are resting on either wooden or rubber bases and not touching the ground directly. Please ensure that thread caps are placed on both ends of the rods for safety and for protecting the rods.


  • For long term storage always ensure that the threads are greased and cleaned before storage. Ensure that rods are stored horizontally and stacked with the correct support. We recommend using three points of support/contact to avoid any bending.
    Keep the rods at least 30 cm from the ground, protecting it from moisture and dirt.


  • Inspect the body and threads of the rods regularly. Avoid using broken rods that show signs of cracks, bends or any other deformation, such rods should be discarded immediately and not to be mixed in with the drill string.


  • If rods are to be stored for long term, we recommend applying any corrosion coatings on the rod body and keep the rods in a well ventilated and dry area.




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