June 11, 2019

High Performance HQ Impregnated Diamond bits Success in Chile

Impregnated diamond bit ( IMP Bit) is really very popular used for exploration drilling in the world, we have two series for IMP bits, one is known as MASTER another is NAVIGATOR, all of them have wonderful engineering and special designs, experts in powder metallurgy with sophisticated sintering and CNC machining, strict quality control and precise gauge protecting technology, all of those procedures are only for ensuring best work-life & good penetration rates, especially for MASTER bits, which are widely used in Mideast countries, Russia language speaking countries and South America for tackling tough rock conditions. Not only for IMP bits, but also we provide Surface-set Diamond bits, PDC bits and be able to have the ability to design the bits according to our customers specified requirements.


In June, 2019, our MASTER series HQ IMP Bit  have got a very good performance in Chile, drilling more than 600m at a site work, which the rock is broken and hard.











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