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August 20, 2020

Drilling Tips and Reference for our Impregnated Diamond Bits


Drilling Parameters and Tips for Diamond Core Drilling

-- China Geological Equipment Group Wuxi Drilling Tools Co., Ltd


For Maximizing the performance of the bits and Minimizing the risk of accident in the hole, Do Not Mixing different maufacturer's bits with ours.


Successful exploration drilling results from a clear understanding and cooperation between two professionals, the Diamond Driller and the Geologist. Drilling operations are controlled by geologists but they lack the knowledge and experience to optimize the operation of the drill. The Professional Diamond Driller should not hesitate to share his knowledge to improve the operation. A professional diamond driller will adjust all these parameters matching the drilling condition.


Drilling Operation Parameters

Bits Type Rotation(RPM) WOB(KN) Flow(LPM)
B Size 800-1600 15-30 30-38
N Size 650-1150 20-40 38-48
H Size 500-1000 30-50 50-70
P Size 400-750 40-60 60-80


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Rotation speed should be adjusted considering:


a. Diameter of bit

b. ROP

c. Depth of drilling

d. Deviation issue

e. Vibration of string rod




RPM too high with low ROP can cause polishing of the bit

RPM too low may result in faster wear of the bit





The weight on bit depends on rock and bit type, RPM, ROP and water flow.

Try to maintain a constant ROP by increasing or reducing the WOB. Always adjust the

hold back pressure while adding rods.


a. Best cost per meter

b. Smooth operation

c. Best bit life

d. Sharp bit




Too Low Too High
Premature wear of bit Low productivity
Rod and barrel damage Risk of polishing the bit
Hole deviation Low bit life
Premature wear of rig  



Drilling performance is directly related to the fluid flow over the bit, fluid flow has very important different functions :

a.Removing cutting

b.Cooling the bit

c. Lubricating the bit and rods



The rate of penetration is the key parameter during drilling.

It results from the right combination of WOB and RPM for a rock type and condition.

Well -maintained ROP ensures : cost per meter

b.smooth operation

c. best bit life bit



Revolution Per Centimeter is an indicator coming from

the division RPM / ROP

Example of an N size bit turning @1200 rpm

and run @15 cm/min

RPC = 1200 / 15 = 80

Maintain the RPC within 50 < RPC < 100





a.Add WOB until torque rises, once ROP increases, reduce WOB to maintain desired ROP

b.Reduce RPM by half, wait until torque and ROP rise. Return speed to normal operation.

c. Reduce the water flow



  • Respect safety rules
  • Wear proper protection
  • Check rod thread from leaks (rod gage)
  • Start fluid circulation before running the bit to bottom
  • l Starting a new bit, don’t go full ROP until you drill 20 cm
  • Make sure the reaming shell is within gauge and out lasts the bit


  • Drop the bit
  • Start rotation with WOB
  • Collar the hole with new bit
  • Put wrench on diamond portion




The information contained as per above provides

the reader with suggestions and guidelines dealing

with a number of hypothetical situations. CGE Group

Wuxi Drilling Tools Company accepts no responsibility

for damages, consequentialor otherwise, resulting from

application of such guidelines and suggestions. The

reader is strongly encouraged to contact an authorized

CGE Group representative to obtain guidance in dealing with

specific real situations.


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